About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is “To become a world class global ICT solution center”.

Our Mission statement

To create a dynamic and innovative workforce as a strong backbone for organizations for providing excellent ICT solutions.


Our background

Crystal technologies (U) Ltd was founded in 2008 and incorporated in July 2012 under the laws of the republic of Uganda and later registered in South Sudan for better service deliverly to its customer base in the region. Since 2008, Crystal technologies (U) Ltd has been operating in the Consultancy, Telecommunications & general ICT Industry. Basing on our in-depth understanding of our clients, we commit ourselves to delivering fast solutions to all our customers in an easy-to-use suite of product offerings.

We have a staff of dedicated of Bussiness developers, Computer Engineers, Electrical Power Engineers, Civil Engineers, Surveyors & GIS Experts, Telecom Engineers, and Software Experts who consider it mission-critical to deliver ICT solutions of superior quality and accuracy better than what's otherwise available in the market place today.

Our Team

Brian Nkurunungi

Managing Partner

“Enhancing technology; This we have achieved through monitoring the existing processes and analyzing their effectiveness; creating strategies to improve productivity and efficiency, managing quality assurance programs, and keen supervision of on our projects.”

Naomi Watiti Gonahasa


“We always enter into extensive discussions with the customer to determine their exact requirements. As soon as these are clear we assign the correct people and resources to achieve these goals, always keeping in mind the human side of automation.”

Kevin Kiiza


“A customer is someone we can help to achieve his goals. That’s when, in my opinion, the business relationship starts – not just when he or she buys something.” 

Mark Akampereza


“Standard solutions don’t work in ICT; after all, every organization is unique. However building from components of proven technology within a tailor made solution does work.”


With over 5 years’ experience in Information and Communication technology industry. CTU core objective is to offer services that include Consultancy, Development, integration, infrastructure Management, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Product support and Equipment supplies..